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We supply sputtering targets which is manufactured under show unparalleled outstanding performance by virtue of high density, excellent purity, and distinguished homogeneous microstructure. The popular geometries featuring with both planar and rotatable shapes, such as circular, rectangular, ring, tube, cylinder and conicity, are all available. If you have your own unique requirements about the sputtering targets, no matter in density, purity, homogeneity or in geometry, please let us know exactly what you need. We'll do our utmost to meet your requirements precisely.

Material Specification
Sodalime glass Sodalime glass 100X100X1.1mmt
Sodalime glass Sodalime Glass, 100x100x2mmTh
Sodalime glass Sodalime Glass, 100x100x3mmTh
Sodalime glass Sodalime glass 300 x 400 x 1.1mmTh
Sodalime glass Sodalime Glass 50X50X1.1mmt
XG2000 XG2000 100x100x0.7mmTh
XG 2000 XG2000 10x10x0.7mmTh
XG 2000 XG2000 12x12x0.7mmTh
Eagle XG Eagle XG 15 x 15x 0.7mmTh DSP
XG 2000 XG2000 20x20x0.7mmTh
XG2000 XG2000 25x25x0.7mmTh
XG 2000 XG 2000 30x30x0.7mmTh
XG2000 XG2000 50x50x0.7mmTh
GaAs 500umTh undoped,<110>,2˚off,Prime SSP
Quartz Quartz, wafer, 100mmDia x1mmTh
Quartz Quartz, wafer, 100x100x1mmTh
Sapphire 430umTh, C-plane+/-0.25degree 1 side- epi polished
Sapphire (0001),430um,SSP
MgO MgO Substrate, 10x10x0.5mmTh
silicon N(test),(100),330um(+/-25),1-30ohmcm
Silicon P-type,test grade,380um(+/-25),1~10ohmcm
Si P-Type <100> 450umTh 1-20 ohmcm SSP test
Si Si N-Type <100> 500mmTh 1-30 ohmcm SSP test
Silicon Si P-Type <100> 500mmTh 0.001-0.003ohmcm SSP Prim
Si Si,N-type<100> 275umTh,1-20ohm.Cm,ssp,test
Si N-type<111> 300umTh,0.002-0.005ohm.Cm,ssp,test
Silicon P-type,prime grade,275um(+/-25),1~30ohmcm
Si Si,P-type<100> 300umTh, <0.005ohm.Cm,ssp,Prime
silicon P(test),(100),275um(+/-25) 1~30ohmcm
Si wafer Si,P-type<100> 330umTh,1-30ohm.Cm,ssp,test
Si wafer si,p-type <100>500umTh 1-30ohm.Cm,ssp,test
Si 3"Diax380um,<100>,N/P,1-10ohm,SSP,TEST
Silicon P(prime grade) (100) 525umth ,1~30ohmcm
Silicon P-type,test grade,500um(+/-25),1~30ohmcm
Si 625um,<100>,P/B,1-30ohm,SSP,TEST
GaAs 330um,SSP
GaP 330um,SSP
ITO Glass 10ohm,cm
Si wafer Si P-Type <100> 675umTh 1-30 ohmcm SSP test
Si N-Type <100> 500mmTh 0.001-0.0045ohmcm SSP Prime
Silicon N-Type <100> 500mmTh 0.001-0.003ohmcm SSP Prime
Si 525um,<111>,P/B,1-30ohm,SSP,TEST
Si Si any <100> 675umTh SSP test
SiO2 N-type <100>1-10um ssp prime wet 1000A
SiO2 P-type <100>1-30um ssp prime wet 1000A
SiO2 P-type <100>1-30um ssp prime wet 2000A
SiO2 P-type <100>1-30um ssp prime wet 3000A
SiO2 P-type <100>1-30um ssp prime wet 5000A
Si Si P-Type <100> 675umTh 1-30 ohmcm SSP test
XG 2000 XG2000 100 x 100 x 0.7mmTh DSP
XG 2000 XG2000 100mmDia x 0.7mmTh DSP